Activity Director’s Application, Stroke – Jim’s Story

Activity Director

he initial assessment by the Activity Director, Marie, at Valley View Rehab discovered Jim’s love of history, that he was a WWII veteran, his affinity for playing cards (Rummy, Go Fish, Checkers), and his need for social interactions. Motivational Interviewing was key in revealing his strongest yearnings, which included returning home to his lovely wife, Gloria, and to experience more quality time having fun with his grandkids.

    These were the crucial elements for motivating him and help meet Medicare Guidelines to get seniors out of bed more. Jim refused to get out of bed so the magnetic board with “GO Fish” card game was setup vertically on the bedside table. However, the next day, he was willing to get out of bed and play “GO Fish” with another nursing home client he met at lunch through Marie and the Nursing staff! That day he was out of bed for one hour for the activity department, during which time he accessed appropriate snacks, per Speech Therapy swallow precautions. After that, a routine of after lunch was established whereby Jim would play “Go Fish”.

     He also started attending some of the “singing” music programs as the familiar songs helped him recapture language skills, elevated his confidence level, resulting in smiles! The Activity Director informed the C.N.A’s and family of the scheduled times and encouraged Jim and his family to use an ORANGE highlighter on his Activity Calendar to draw attention to the specific activities he wanted to attend. The CVA (Stroke) affected his vision and he could read it easier since the calendar was reformatted to maximize readability (larger print by doing “narrow” margins, font change to Ariel).

     He looked forward to Seattle Seahawk Football game dates with the TV channel and time marked on the calendar! He got to be rowdy with his new friends, a group activity that achieved high attendance. Life Enrichment was achieved for Jim by making this unique, custom plan involving him making choices. He usually responded best by “Jim, do you want to play “Go Fish” in the dining room or Activity room? “ Another example is, “Do you want a half of tuna fish sandwich or egg salad sandwich for your snack?”

     The RCM (Resident Care Manager) was informed and implemented these ideas into his personalized, individualized care plan.