Seniors Playing Checkers

Therapists will gain advanced skills and techniques in  “New Approaches to Geriatric Rehab” Workshop. Insights are given in motivating difficult or low functioning seniors. Motivational Interviewing and making use of the senior’s background, interests and goals is key. You will be able to reach the RUG level for each senior with your new “tools”.

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When given an opportunity, many seniors enjoy playing table games that bring back fond memories. Why not use Rehab Games 70 game options for cards, checkers and dominoes in a vertical orientation? It is all about repetition in reaching therapy goals and the following are just a few examples. Hip fractures with subsequent surgery have Weight bear precautions, or Total hip precautions.  Left CVA or Right CVA (Stroke) and head injury etc. have balance, fall prevention, vision, dexterity, cognition and language problems. Failure to thrive, COPD, CHF, and pneumonia can benefit from a graded therapeutic activity along with spinal cord injury. Dementia seniors frequently have long-term memory “pockets” of a game they enjoyed.

Activity or Therapeutic Recreation Director

Senior Playing Dominoes

Activity or Therapeutic Recreation Director have time constraints in meeting the Medicare demands of getting seniors out of bed and participating in-group activities. Sometimes the senior is low functioning and difficult to work with. Having a personalized, unique care plan based on their history and interests is Key!

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Activity director’s love having the wheeled bedside table or the “lower” laptop table with ALL the Games: cards, checkers and dominoes, and the 2 game books (70 games) for the senior to easily see and state what they would like to play. A resistant senior playing in bed is a good starting point! Get “em” hooked and transition out of bed the next day per the motivational interviewing and other techniques you can learn from a Rehab Games class! Medicare CMS guidelines will be discussed with Life Enrichment insights given for all settings that Activity directors work in!

Families with Seniors

Senior Playing Solitaire

Families with Seniors benefit from having a variety of 70 games in the Large print books to choose from and directions on how to make the game easier. Victory in a game promotes more willingness to repeat!!! Many times they haven’t played checkers, a card game or dominoes in years. However, those fond memories come back in “beating their brother or sister” in “x”.  Having the game in vertical with Rehab Games helps with vision, attention and motivation to finish the game. They enjoy the large grip magnet checker pieces.  Fun, purposeful and meaningful leisure activities are crucial for quality of life for our seniors. Tap into the rich history of previous activities they have done, and modify the game as needed for for success!


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